come celebrate with me that everyday something has tried to kill me and has failed.

Lucille Clifton

Skin Town - Midnight Lover

.really just want someone to sample that “come back to me baby” part. 

Allan Kingdom - Wavey - Ft. Spooky Black

.smh = new music in 2014.

Raury - Cigarette Song

.didn’t care for the song when I first heard it, but the video kept me in it, i guess. 

In Thailand’s northern countryside, a ghost story is told to warn young people and travelers from wandering into the jungle. Many years ago, a lonely stable boy in charge of the king’s horses went hungry, and was forced into eating one of his horses. He became sick, and died in the jungle at the edge of a river. Since then, a spirit has been known to walk near the edge of the woods, taking the form of a human (man or woman) with the features of a horse. As revenge for his loneliness, the spirit of the stable boy lures young lost travelers into the jungle, where they meet a watery grave.

.Steve Gunn & Mike Cooper - Pony Blues.